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So, Who's John? 

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I have been a photographer for the past decade & have worked with hundreds of families.  The thing that keeps me going: each story is unique.  To be able to play a part in telling that story on the most important day of your life, is such an honor!  So, for me, it never gets boring, or routine, and is never the same day 'at the office'! 

My Philosophy...

I am all about the story - from how you met, to the moment you knew 'he' (or she) was the one, to the wedding day itself.  Then, to be able to re-tell that story through the lens by capturing those real moments of the day.

Speaking from experience, wedding days can be a whirlwind of emotion: laughter mixed with some tears and toss in a little bit of chaos just for good measure.  I capture all of those things to, at the end of the day, tell your unique story so when you look back at your album 20 years from now - the story is re-lived, with all the emotion you are about to go through.

For most of the day, I will work in the background - capturing these important  moments that happen when families get together.  The smiles, the hugs, and the tears.  When I do get involved, it will be to help tell the story, not interfere with your day.

So, thank you for considering me, and reading through this awkward 'About Me' page. I look forward to hearing about you and your day!

Oh, on a personal note: I am married to Molly (whom you will meet along the way, I am sure).  While we have 2 children, we are technically empty nesters, except for our two dogs: Nikki & Stella.  We live here in Clarkston.

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