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Why do you really have photographs of your wedding?

True story: a few weeks after my own wedding, I could not remember the menu, except the Filet (I never forget a  And soon after, I forgot a lot of other details we put so much effort into.  Your wedding pictures are all that stay after the day is over.  You will put hundred of hours into planning, organizing & agonizing over your day.  Your family and guests will invest time and money to travel from everywhere to share that special day with you.  to be part of your story forever.

'The' day will never happen again, and, as years will go by your pictures will be your only investment that will grow in value and become priceless.  Not only to you but to your children and the families that will follow. 

Your photography investment is forever.  It re-tells the story of your day and the beginning of your new life together.  Get the best images you can & hire the best wedding photographer you can afford. (End of soap-box speech...)

With all of that said, I would be honored to learn more about your family, your story, and how we can help

tell that story to generations to come...

Collection One - $3500

The entire day is yours! 

As your photographer, I will be there with you:

 - Complete full day coverage, from the make-up chair

to the lights coming on at the reception

 - 2nd Photographer

 - The first 30 pages of a custom album,

showcasing the entire day

 - Edited, digital images on a USB

  with Print Release

 - An engagement session with

 a print from the session


Collection Two - $2750

 - 8 hours of photography

 - 2nd Photographer

 - Edited, digital images on a USB

  with Print Release

 - The first 24 pages of a custom designed album

 - Engagement session


Collection Three - $1500

 - 5 Hours of Photography

- Edited, digital images on a USB

  with Print Release

 - Mini-Engagement session

 - $250 Print Credit


Add On's

 - Additional Photographer - $125/hr

 - Additional 1 Hour of coverage: $125/hour per photographer

 - Travel beyond 50 mile radius of Clarkston: $100

See Wedding guide for complete listing

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